Zentist is a dental care provider to help out-of-pocket paying patients find and finance dental procedures based on transparent pricing and quality information.

We believe that dental care shouldn't be avoided due to outrageously high costs. By creating a network of doctors that provide second opinions with price quotes, Zentist allows patients to find the right care with the right price.

We work hard to provide you affordable quality dental care – we won't charge you.

We provide you with 3 second opinions from qualified dentists at no cost.

You'll save time, money, and the stress of finding the right dentist with the right price. Plus, we make sure you know what to expect before making an appointment.

Our promise to you

  • — You won't need to worry about unexpected costs Price transparency is the first pillar of our company. We'll make sure you know what costs to expect before you make an appointment.
  • — We'll take on your stress We don't want you to lose sleep over finding a price that works in your budget, we'll rather do it! All you need to do is tell us what dental procedure you need.
  • — We'll provide the best price We'll work with as many dentists needed to make sure we can provide you the best possible price for your case.


Ato Kasymov Team Leader and Co-Founder
Matt Curb Innovation Leader and Co-Founder
Ngoc Nguyen Growth Hacker
Ilya Fomin Technology Leader
Bekzhan Sharshembekov Full-stack Developer
Oleg Puzanov Engineering Leader
Alice Jang Product Manager
Alexei Medvedev Full-stack Developer

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